About Computix

Computix is a edutainment software.

It's available in french and english, for Mac OS X and Windows.

It's distributed as a donationware. If you like this software, please make a donation.

Copie d'écran/Screenshot

Game's rules

The board is made of 8x8 squares.

At the beginning, the 64 values are placed randomly on the board. You play horizontally, the computer plays vertically. The cursor is symbolized by a red circle.

When you click on a square in the cursor's line, its value is added to your score (or substracted if its value is negative), the square becomes unavailable and the cursor goes on it. Then the computer plays in the cursor's column.

The game ends when no more squares are available.

Good luck !

The Levels

There are four levels :

Beginner The computer only choose the higher value in its column.
Normal Same as beginner level, but sometimes a new square appears.
Advanced The computer is thinking a little more and prepares its next move.
Expert Same as advanced level, but a new square could appear with positive, negative or unknown value (X and -X squares).